At GVG we are accountable for delivering high-quality products and services that benefits the health and wellness of our customers.


We aspire to improve the health and wellness of people and animals worldwide and to expand access to our products across the globe.


All of our decisions must be measured against our responsibility to those who use or need our products. We take that responsibility very seriously and make the satisfaction of our customers our priority.



At GVG Animal Health and Wellness is a priority and we never lose sight of the fact that innovation is the lifeblood of our industry.


In today’s highly competitive markets we invest heavily to achieve results with tomorrow’s products.


Our Animal Health and Wellness portfolio reflects our unwavering commitment to research & development.


The result is a pipeline of products, which in terms of utility and quality, provides us with a solid platform for consistent growth in wellness products and animal pharmaceuticals.



At GVG we have the privilege of partnering with top ranked and rated manufacturers in the people and animals healthcare and

wellness industry.


These relationships allow us to

bring a comprehensive product lines to market at the most

competitive pricing.

We welcome any opportunity to advance and increase our product offerings to our loyal customer base and invest heavily in marketing new products we support across a

global landscape.



Goldman Venture Group is concerned with the overall health and well being of people and animals. GVG develops and markets products dedicated to human and animal health and safety. The company markets  disinfectants, diagnostic test kits to detect viral bacteria, allergens, teeth and oral care, fungal nail treatments, acne skincare, luggage technology, pet food, pet wellness aids, and over-the-counter pet treatments.


Goldman Venture Group is a leader in contract manufacturing and distribution of  a  variety of animal healthcare products, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, wound care and disinfectants. GVG started as a pharmaceutical repacking company focusing mainly on private labeling. Their mission is to continuously innovate and bring new products to market within the medical and pharmaceutical industries, while upholding and creating strong relationships with their clientele and the public. Goldman Venture Group is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for Pet OTC™ Products.


Goldman VENTURE Group HQ13

New York, NY 11741

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