PET products

PetOTC  Over-the-Counter Treatments

Treatment for Dogs...


Calmatrol® relieves anxiety associated with noise,

change of environment, loneliness and stress!


NausX® treats and prevents motion sickness


Difixin® works fast to relieve symptoms of diarrhea

Fish Aid  Algae Blocker (Pre Treatment Solution)



1) If your Tank, Bowl, Aquarium, Fountain or Pond is not new,

empty all existing water first.

2) Rinse the whole area that is going to be treated with clean water.

3) Thoroughly dry.

4) Generously spray the whole area inside with Goldman’s Fish Aid

5) Algae Blocker including all sides and bottom.

6) Wipe down with a smooth microfiber cloth.

7) Allow everything to fully dry for at least 1 hour before refilling the

water. Let all toys, rocks etc. dry naturally outside of the tank.

Pure + Hydro  High PH Solution

Neutralizes odors fast, leaves no residue 

All natural high PH solution (12.5-13.2 PH water)

Fragrance free, no alcohol, no dyes, no preservatives and non toxic

Destroys pet odors and is an all purpose cleaner

Ear + Health  Otic Flush

Naturally removes ear discharge

Destroys ear odors

Maintain ear health

Keeps your pets ears healthy by aiding in the removal of odor, bacteria, wax, fungus, mites, debris, microbes, and yeast

The Revolution  All-in-One Harness

"No More Pulling..."


Specifically designed to help reduce stress, pulling, pain and/or pressure on your dog. Helps to keep your dog safe while keeping you in control.


Made of high endurance polypropylene rope that's

waterproof, long lasting and machine washable.

No-Bark Collar Remote Trainer / Rechargeable 

Goldman’s dog-friendly & humane no-bark training collar uses sound or vibration to distract your dog when barking, stopping the unwanted behavior.

USB charger included


Push on/off button

LED bone shaped

indicator light

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